Supernova Discoveries by Rev. Robert Evans

Complete to September 2007.

Visual Discoveries.

SN 1981A in NGC 1532. 24th February, 1981. Type 2 plateau.

SN 1981D in NGC 1316. 9th March, 1981. Type 1a.

SN 1983G in NGC 4753. Type 1a.

SN 1983N in NGC 5236. (M83.) Prototype of Type 1b.

SN 1983S in NGC 1448. Type 2 plateau.

SN 1983V in NGC 1365. Type 1c.

SN 1984E in NGC 3169. Type 2 pec.

SN 1984J in NGC 1559. Type 2.

SN 1984L in NGC 991. Prototype of Type 1b.

SN 1984N in NGC 7184. Type 1.

SN 1985P in NGC 1433. Type 2 plateau.

SN 1986A in NGC 3367. Type 1a.

SN 1986G in NGC 5128. (Cen - A.) Type 1a, (Subluminous).

SN 1986L in NGC 1559. Type 2.

SN 1987B in NGC 5850. Type 2 pec.

SN 1987N in NGC 7606. Type 1a.

SN 1988A in NGC 4579. (M58.) Type 2 plateau.

SN 1989B in NGC 3627. (M66.) Type 1a.

SN 1990K in NGC 150. Type 2.

SN 1990M in NGC 5493. Type 1a.

SN 1990W in NGC 6221. Type 1c.

SN 1991T in NGC 4527. Type 1a (Overluminous).

SN 1991X in NGC 4902. Type 1a.

SN 1992ad in NGC 4411b Type 2 plateau.

SN 1992ba in NGC 2082. Type 2 plateau.

SN 1993L in IC 5270. Type 1a.

SN 1995G in NGC 1643. Type 2.

SN 1995V in NGC 1087. Type 2.

SN 1995ad in NGC 2139. Type 2. plateau.

SN 1996X in NGC 5061. Type 1a.

SN 1996al in NGC 7689. Type 2.

SN 1997bp in NGC 4680. Type 1a.

SN 2000cj in NGC 6753. Type 1a.

SN 2001du in NGC 1365. Type 2 plateau.

SN 2001ig in NGC 7424. Type 2b.

SN 2003B in NGC 1097. Type 2. plateau.

SN 2003gd in NGC 628 (M74.) Type 2. plateau.

SN 2003gs in NGC 936 Type 1a (subluminous.)

SN 2003hn in NGC 1448 Type 2. plateau.

SN 2005df in NGC 1559 Type 1a.

SN 2007it in NGC 5530 Type 2.

Photographic Discoveries of Supernovae on Films.

SN 1988ai in ESO 293g34. (found in 2002.)

SN 1996A. anonymous galaxy. Type 2.

SN 1996O. MCG +03- 41- 115. Type 1a.

SN 1996ad. anonymous galaxy.

SN 1996as. anonymous galaxy. Type 2.

Other Discoveries.

Non-periodic Comet Evans Drinkwater, 1996J1. (found on a U. K. Schmidt film.)