Books about Evangelicalism and Revivals

These books by Rev. Robert Evans explore the nature and effects of many revivals in Australia, New Zealand and the U.S.A.

An Evangelical World-View Philosophy

by Robert Evans (1993)

The aim of this book is to set out the broad outlines of a world-view philosophy which seeks to bring into one framework a number of factors which otherwise might appear scattered, or even (to some people) unrelated. These factors include Evangelical Protestant theology, a workable solution to the problem of faith and reason, and ethical and value theories.

An Outline History of Evangelical Revivals in the Pacific Islands and in Papua New Guinea

Compiled and edited by Robert Evans (1996,2007)

This booklet is intended to be a simple outline of a history of the main evangelical revival movements in the Pacific Islands. It includes three addresses on the 1972 revival in Papua New Guinea by Margaret Reeson, Joan Rule, and Keith Everingham.

Choose the Lord, Here and Now!

Nineteenth Century Evangelism in New Zealand

by Robert Evans and Roy McKenzie (2016)

Many Christians who migrated to New Zealand in the nineteenth century brought with them high hopes of what might be achieved for the Kingdom of God in their new country. This book looks at two migrants who became among the most effective evangelists that New Zealand has seen. One was a house-wife, gifted preacher, small of stature, but mighty in spirit. The other was a Sunday-school leader, lay pastor, YMCA and City Mission leader.

Early Evangelical Revivals in Australia (Second edition)

by Robert Evans (2000,2007)

This book tells the story of movements of the Holy Spirit in this southern land up to 1880. The various denominations grew as a result of immigration from the British Isles. Most of the Protestant churches were boosted because of revivals which had occurred in the "Home Lands". Varying Church growth also flowed from the revivals in Australia.

The early revivals in Australia were mainly Methodist, although the spirit of Evangelicalism was widespread, and the impact of the 1859 Revival was felt by all of the churches. Before about 1860, the records of these revivals have come to us mainly through biographies. After that date, the Wesleyan Methodist denominational newspapers were the main ones which both tell the story, and have survived until the present. The main exception was in South Australia, where both the Primitive Methodists and the Bible Christians were stronger than they were in the other states, and some of their papers have survived.

In this book, these revivals are described, and other observations are included at the end. It is the author's hope that the account of these revivals will not only illuminate Australia's own history, but will stir Australians to pray for greater movements of the Holy Spirit today, and in the future.

Emilia Baeyertz - Evangelist

Her Career in Australia and Great Britain

by Robert Evans (2007)

This book is an historical study of, and is also a source-book of documents about, the evangelistic career in Australia and Great Britain of Mrs. Emilia Baeyertz, often called "the Jewish Lady Evangelist from Melbourne." This book about the ministry of Mrs. Emilia Baeyertz constitutes Volume Two in this 1880 - 1914 series.

Evangelical Revivals in New Zealand

by Robert Evans and Roy McKenzie (1999)

This book seeks to outline the main evangelical revivals and evangelistic efforts in New Zealand history, and some of the characters who were involved in this.

Evangelism and Revivals in Australia, 1880 to 1914 (First volume)

by Robert Evans (2005)

This book seeks to outline the main features of evangelism and revivals in Australia in this period before the First World War. It was the hey-day of evangelicalism in Australia, so far. Hopefully other more detailed studies will be presented later into other aspects of this subject.

Evangelisation Society of Australasia 1883 to 1918 (First volume)

by Robert Evans (2010)

A history of the Evangelisation Society of Australasia in it's first 35 years.

Evangelisation Society of Australasia 1919 to 1945 (Second volume)

by Robert Evans (2011)

A history of the Evangelisation Society of Australasia in it's second period.

Fire From Heaven

A Description and Analysis of the Revivals of the 'Burned-Over District' of Upstate New York, 1800-1840, and Spiritual Deceptions

by Robert Evans (2005)

This book uses a wide range of original and other documents to tell the story of evangelical revivals in upstate New York between 1800 and 1840. It pays special attention to efforts which were made to maintain the purity and spiritual quality of these movements. It seeks to include the Baptist and Methodist aspects of these revivals, instead of relying mainly upon Finney's accounts, or on Presbyterian history. It seeks to overcome the distortions arising from unbalanced accounts which have often appeared in the past, as told by those who had a particular theological or denominational agenda in view. It describes an important part of the story showing how revival became revivalism.

Gems from English Revivals 1860 - 1862

by Robert Evans (2018)

Some insights into the English Revivals which reached their peak in 1860 and 1861, through quoting original documents.

Sister Francis as an Evangelist

by Robert Evans (2014)

Sister Francis worked for the Central Methodist Mission in Sydney from 1890 to 1946. She visited Wales for a month during the peak of the Welsh Revival which started in December 1904, and was deeply affected by the experience. When she returned to New South Wales later in 1905 she became an evangelist-at-large for the C.M.M., and for some years led evangelistic missions in many parts of the country, praying that scenes similar to what she had seen in Wales would also occur here.

The American Evangelical Philosophy of Civilization 1735 to 1905

Including Six Basic Historical Documents

by Robert Evans (2015)

As a sequel to his book The Prayer which Brought a Great Revival, which portrays the history and achievements of the Monthly Concert of Prayer and of the many revivals which were given by God in answer to these prayers, now called Second Great Awakening, this new book considers the philosophy of civilization which arose out of these revivals.

The Kentucky Revival

by Robert Evans (2018)

The Kentucky Revival of 1800 was a famous and major part of a much larger Evangelical Awakening in the USA which historians usually now call The Second Great Awakening.

The Later Ministry of Dr. J. Edwin Orr

by Robert Evans (2014)

During the Twentieth Century, Dr. J. Edwin Orr contributed more than anyone else to the practice of, understanding of, and knowledge of the history of evangelical awakening and evangelical revival movements.

The Prayer Which Brought A Great Revival

by Robert Evans (2017)

The long-term impact of Jonathan Edwards’s famous call for united, extraordinary prayer for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and for the Revival of Religion, which he first published in 1747 in Boston.

The Spiritual Impact of the Religious Tract Society

A Preliminary Survey of the History of the Religious Tract Society, Founded in London, 1799, and of its Spiritual Impact

by Robert Evans (2014)

The Religious Tract Society is an example of the use of Christian literature for the furtherance of the Gospel. In some ways this work has been as far-reaching and valuable for the Kingdom of God as any other example that could be given.

The Truth about Jedediah Burchard?

by Robert Evans (2014)

A paper by this name was posted here several years ago as a "Work in Progress." This paper has now been completed, and is published under the title "Wisdom and Childish Behaviour in Evangelism - A Study in the Life and Ministry of Jedediah Burchard" (see below). It is linked strongly to Luke 7: 32 - 35.

The Welsh Revival 1904

by Robert Evans (2016)

The Welsh Revival in 1904 and 1905 was only the latest of a number of wonderful revival movements which occurred in the Principality of Wales.

Thomas Cook

British Evangelist in Australia and New Zealand in 1894 and 1895

by Robert Evans (2007)

This book examines the theology, preaching, and achievements of Thomas Cook. It includes an extensive number of primary sources which give contemporary evidence of the work and effectiveness of Cook's ministry.

Wisdom and Childish Behaviour in Evangelism

A Study in the Life and Ministry of Jedediah Burchard

by Robert Evans (2016)

Groups of Christians shouting at each other! Evangelicals pulling in different directions! All the viewpoints had value. They each had some wisdom – but not enough to make a whole, wise picture. Jedediah Burchard was an evangelist, blessed by God with many conversions. But he was part of the problem. So were those who resisted him, and forced him out. God’s wisdom is proved right by its results.